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PostSubject: [VINDICATION SERVER] APPLICATION TEMPLATE   Sun Apr 29, 2007 6:12 am

Who are The Wrath of the Elite?

We are a tight knit of players which have been playing this game for many years, some are beta players some are players that have been around for 4/5 years. We are skilled and very organized. PvP is what we play for. In other words Play 2 Crush !
We are currently on Vindication, playing the Merc charter.


You are free to apply on our boards, however keep in mind that at this point are only looking for skilled seasoned players with at least 1 years of experience in Shadowbane. There is no room for starters.

We recruite Euro and NA players.
Being able to make our mine times is definatley an advantage.
Current mine time: 5 Pm EST till 6 PM EST


1 years or more experience in shadowbane
Use of Ventrilo
Use of a Headset, need to be able to talk and listen
Roll Spec toons according our templates
Teamplayer, no room for big ego's
Mines and Banes are mandatory
Contribute to the guild/nation via Gold/Runes/Offerings etc.
Have thick skin, if you fuck up, people will bitch at you ^^

What do we offer:

PvP on the higest level
Teambased PvP/GvG
Gear for spec toons
Knowlegde from our beta & veteran players
High activity in Banes & Mines

Use this list to apply:

[x] Application <put your name here>
[x] How long have you been playing?
[x] Guild/Nation history on all servers
[x] Age?
[x] Post your main toons
[x] What toon do you play the best?
[x] How many accounst do you have?
[x] If you have to rate your skill level what would it be ? (1-10 were 1 is low 10 is high)
[x] Do you have a mic ?
[x] How much time do you spend on Shadowbane per day/week?
[x] Are you willing to make Vindication your main server?
[x] Are you an Euro, NA, or Asian Player?
[x] In what timezone are you?
[x] Are you able to make our mine/bane times, generally between 5 PM EST and 8 PM EST.

Keep in mind we take recruitement very serious, your application will be reviewed by our members, this can take up a day, once you posted it will get the status "under review". Keep checking our boards for updates.

WotE members can give their opinions, full members can vouch and give opinions, but only guild officers (IC's) can officially admit or deny an application.


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